Wednesday, 17 July 2013

General English Questions and Answers


1.       A Government by the rich:

(a)    Plutocracy

(b)   Oligarchy

(c)    Aristocracy

(d)   Theocracy

2.       A life history written by oneself:

(a)    Monologue

(b)   Autobiography

(c)    History

(d)   Biography

3.       Sign ……this paper

(a)    At

(b)   In

(c)    On

(d)   No preposition needed

4.       The sound made by pigs:

(a)    Grunt

(b)   Quack

(c)    Neigh

(d)   Croak

5.       The answer ……. You gave is not right

(a)    Who

(b)   Whom

(c)    Which

(d)   Whose

6.       We reached ……….Singapore in the morning

(a)    At

(b)   On

(c)    To

(d)   No preposition

7.       The synonym of ‘admit’ is:

(a)    Confuse

(b)   Conclude

(c)    Confess

(d)   Conceive

8.       Feminine gender of fox is:

(a)    Bitch

(b)   Hind

(c)    Vixen

(d)   She fox

9.       The boy was unwilling to part …….. his toys

(a)    On

(b)   At

(c)    For

(d)   With

10.   ‘To lend a hand’  means

(a)    Hand over

(b)   To assist

(c)    To praise

(d)   Obstruct




1.       (a)

2.       (b)

3.       (d)

4.       (a)

5.       (c)

6.       (d)

7.       (c)

8.       (d)

9.       (d)

10.   (b)

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